Story 2 The film

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Audio #1 The story

The film - Story text

The film

Milly and Jenny are school friends. Milly is staying at Jenny’s house. They are thinking what they can do together.
“Do you like reading?” Jenny asks Milly.
“Not really, I want to watch TV, okay?” Milly answers.
“Shall we watch a film together, then?” says Jenny.
“Yes, ok. That’s a good idea.” Milly replies.      

Now they are making some popcorn and then sitting down on the floor. They are turning on the television. A film is just beginning, but Milly isn’t watching it.

“Why aren’t you watching this film, Milly?” asks Jenny.
“It’s in French.” says Milly.
“Don’t worry, we can read the subtitles” says Jenny.
“No, Jenny, I told you. I don’t like reading!”

 Video #3 Part A

Audio #2 Questions Part A

Part A. Questions (text)

1. Are Milly and Jenny sisters?
2. Are they friends?
3. Is Milly at home?
4. Is Jenny at home?
5. Are they meeting at Jenny’s house?
6. Have they got a good program?
7. Are they going out?
8. Does Milly like reading?
9. Does she like watching TV?
10. Does Milly want to watch TV?
11. Does Milly like the film?
12. Is it in English?
13. Is the French film a problem for Jenny?
14. Can she read the subtitles?
15. Can Milly read subtitles?
16. Does she want to read the subtitles?

Video #4 Part B

Audio #3 Questions Part B

Part B. Questions (text)

17. Are Milly and Jenny classmates or school friends?
18. Are they at Jenny’s house or at Milly’s house?
19. Have they got a good program or are they thinking about one?
20. Does Milly like reading or watching TV?
21. Does she want to read or watch TV?
22. Are they drinking coke or eating popcorn?
23. Is the film in English or in French?
24. Is Jenny watching the film or is Milly watching it?

 Video #5 Part C

Audio #4 Questions Part C

Part C. Questions (text)

25. What’s Jenny’s friend’s name?
26. Where is she staying?
27. What are they thinking about?
28. What does Milly like?
29. What does she not like?
30. What are they making?
31. Where do they sit?
32. Why isn’t Milly watching it?

 Video #6 Part D

Audio #5 Questions Part D

Part D. Questions (text)

Ask me…
33.a if Milly and Jenny are sisters.
33.b who they are.
34.a if Milly is staying at Jenny’s house.
34.b where Milly is staying.
35.a if Milly likes reading.
35.b what Milly likes.
36.a if the girls are making some popcorn.
36.b what the girls are making.
37.a if the girls are sitting on the floor.
37.b where the girls are sitting.
38.a if Milly is watching the film.
38.b why she isn’t watching the film.
39.a if they can read the subtitles.
39.b what they can read.
40.a if Milly is reading the subtitles.
40.b why she isn’t reading the subtitles.